This new branding is a labour of love that we hope conveys the genuine passion we have for the Willow Court by offering guided tours of this iconic site.

The new brand reflects on the historical aspects of the site as we explore the layered history of this almost 200-year-old site.  Our vision for the new brand was when we saw an opportunity to offer History Tours alongside our already popular Night tours.

Like all historical sites, we will continue to evolve in our journey and continue to share the history as we discover the untold secrets left behind.

My journey bringing this to life has been greatly assisted by Joe Chelkowski, a local who shares my love of Tasmanian stories. Joe wears many hats – photographer, videographer, graphic designer, web developer – and his love for authentic storytelling is evident through his own storytelling platform, The Tasmanian Tuxedo. If you’re curious about the island state and unearthing its extraordinary tales, The Tasmanian Tuxedo is a must to follow.

Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

We also acknowledge the Derwent Valley Council for their support in our new brand.


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